line-chart_34d293_64Trackable is a service that allows you to track any measure for any setting over time, generally used for quality improvement run charts. You are free to track your own measures internally, or to crete or join a group working on improving the same measure. Trackable has a catalog of measures to use, but feel free to add your own. To create your own collaborative or group activity, simply invite users to your Trackable!

Quality Improvement collaboratives often need to report small numbers of measures to a central data node. Trackable ensures your collaborative participants can update their data from any device, create on-the-fly charts, download to PowerPoint or Excel, and store your data in the cloud for archival. All data is uniform and easily exported for additional analysis.

Trackables can easily be upgraded with a Discussable node, allowing your participants to connect and collaborate with each other. Ideal for QIOs, health associations, large practices and anyone else who want to track simple measurement data along with automatically generated charts and discussion boards.

Start tracking your quality improvement efforts today at or discuss at